The SIM Student Card is a SIM Card offered to students who are still active in their studies at universities or secondary schools in the national territory of Timor-Leste. The purpose of the Student SIM card is to provide communication support to students, especially with their parents, and to use the internet at affordable prices so that they can find it easier to do their school activities.


  1. Must possess a valid Student Card
  2. Must be a student who is still active in school
  3. Bring the Student Card to register in a promotional place (Campus or School)

Note: One student card can only be used for one Student SIM card.


  1. Receiving a promotion balance of $30 for using the internet with a validity of 7 days
  2. After the activation of the SIM card, each month will receive the promotion balance of $30 for the internet, and 100 minutes for on-net calls with a validity of 7 days. 
  3. Receiving a bonus of 150MB for registering a limited data package costing $1 or more
  4. Can register DUE ( The unlimited data package with a Price of $1 with a validity of 2 Days/48 Hours)
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