Telemor became the telecommunications operator Telemor officially launched eSIM services in Timor-Leste. Use the ESIM now to use the Telemor phone number to feel the beauty and convenience of the ESIM because the ESIM has many benefits for its users.

Benefits of using the ESIM:

ESIM is more modern and digital because it is an application and is installed on a mobile phone.eSIM cannot be lost because it is not a physical SIM card (Application only)

ESIM should not be bad, so reducing the expenditure of money to buy a SIM card is often the only way to use two SIMs with an iPhone phone.

While on a foreign trip, you don't need to buy a SIM card other operators, just waiting to move the network to the local operator.

How to register and active e-SIM on your phone:

Step 1: Wi-Fi on a mobile phone (also use a hotspot phone)

Step 2: scan QR2 code to access the phone profile

IOS (iPhone) forum: Go to

Step 1: Access to a Wi-Fi

Step 2: Scan QR2 code to access the phone profile

Go to Sets on your device > Network & Internet > Add or + net icon to Mobile Network >.Scan your QR code.

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