Who we are



    Telemor's services are for all customers. We believe in connecting all of Timor-Leste. Our services are designed to be accessible and affordable, reaching everyone from bustling cities to remote villages. No matter your income level, Telemor offers the perfect solution to stay connected.

    Telemor goes beyond just providing communication. We're committed to giving back to Timor-Leste through initiatives that support the growth and development of our communities.


    The Telemor brand name is made up of the words "telecommunications" and "more" - implying a telecommunications company that is constantly developing to bring Timorese people innovative services and the best benefits.


    "Hetan Diak Liu" - For a Better Life - that's the promise at the heart of everything we do at Telemor. We're dedicated to serving our customers and improving their lives.

    With the appearance of the new mobile network Telemor, customers using mobile services will receive more benefits.

    Telemor has a nationwide coverage network, covering every village and commune, and an extensive sales system, customers can always easily find Telemor when they need it.


    Each customer is a unique individual - Listen and understand to serve individually Social responsibility - The foundation for business development is the development of society, so it is necessary to invest to help society develop better.

    Every person working at Telemor must be happy, must be free to be creative, so there must be a good working environment.


    Telemor constantly creates and personalizes telecommunications services, information technology, and digital content to target all customers and apply them to all areas of social and human life.