Price: $15

4G20 is one of the limited data packages of Telemor with cheap price and suitable for Telemor customers who want to use internet with cheaper price. 4G20 can be used for any contents on internet, such as Google, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and etc with validity 30 days from registration time.
To register, SMS: 4G20 to 127 or dial: *177# or via MOSAN and Kakoak (kakoak.tls.tl) apps available on Play Store.

This package is designed for personal use (1 subscriber). Hotspot (share) your connection with other devices can decrease your internet speed. For sharing your internet with multiple devices, we recommend checking out our family/enterprise plans!

NOTE: Telemor is currently working with Facebook and Google to cached contents in Timor-Leste.  As a result, when accessing Facebook and Youtube, the connection will be stable and fast because of using local contents. 

For detail information dial: 188 (Telemor Call Center Hotline) available 24 H/7 days


Price: $15
Quota: 8GB
Validity: 30 days
Currently, there is a big promotion for customers when buying 4G20 package via MOSAN, in which customers will pay only $12.75 because of getting a 15% discount when buying 4G20 package via MOSAN.
Note : To register your Mosan account, click here https://bit.ly/48HmOf2, or call to 166 to get quick support. Thank You!
Choose data packages based on what we want.
Register on: Kakoak app and MOSAN
Or dial: *177#
1. What is the benefit when register 4G20 package?
2. How to register 4G20 package via MOSAN?
3. Can I register 4G20 package to my friend via MOSAN?
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