Viettel Cameroon

    19th March 2015

    Ita bele uza sitiu ida ne'e atu download, rona muzika, haree video online nomos bele uza tone ringe foun.

  • Modem 3G

    31st March 2015

    Aside of internet cable, one most advantage connection is done via USB Modem 3G. This way is linked with the Telemor network, which means that wherever we access to Telemor network, will also can use the USB 3G for internet.


    27th November 2015

    Economical New Handset 3G-T8301, cheaper price only $41, can access internet and so much more benefits for customer

  • Telemor WI-FI

    6th November 2015

    Now telemor offer new cheaper price of Telemor Wi-Fi for customers, only 20 cent for 2 hours, 50 cent for 6 hours, and 1.00 dollar for 24 hours. Please using telemor Wi-Fi in every public area.

  • Mocha Timor

    26th July 2016

    Mocha Timor Maka Aplikasaun Uniku no GRATUITA