Viettel Cameroon
  • SMS infotainment

    17th August 2016

    SMS Komik service allows customers to enjoy daily funny stories

  • Prepaid Service

    12th March 2015

    Prepaid is the service allows customer to access to use any of Telemor service after payment

  • SMS Quiz

    13th March 2015

    Customer may access to Quiz by sending ON to 7057 to answer questions about politic, culture, society, Music and Sport either domestically, regionally amongst Asia and internationally


    17th August 2016

    GameQuiz IVR allows customer to win prizes such as Promotion pulsa, Handset great range of prize such as motorbike


    19th March 2015

    Sitiu ne'e konvida ita atu haree no download jogu online diferente nebe mak iha ona kategoria nebe prepara ona.