Viettel Cameroon
  • Telemor Previleges

    17th January 2016

    Telemor has new program provide for all postpaid and prepaid subscribers of Telemor.

  • Postpaid_VIP

    19th February 2016

    Telemor postpaid service is applied for customers of government/ministries, enterprise and individual belong to above organization that have presentation letter.

  • New Service Exchange Money M3

    26th February 2016

    Currently Telemor provide new service for customers to exchange money $ 1.00 get $ 3.00 in promotion balance. Customers can use $ 3.00 in promotion balance to make call, sms on-net, off-net and access internet within 24 hours.

  • DP Package

    27th February 2016

    DP package is new internet package which Telemor provides for customers to access for internet with high speed, cheaper price. Customer's only pays $ 10 can enjoy 2.4GB to access internet within 10 days and start from time register.

  • New Intenet Package DU2

    14th May 2016

    Right now Telemor provides new internet package DU2, Customers can enjoy Economize internet data package special from Telemor, customers only pay $ 2.00 can enjoy unlimited access internet, free call and SMS during 48 hours start from time register.