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  • Who we are?

Telemor is a trade-name of Viettel Timor-Leste, a subsidiary of Viettel Global - the leading telecommunications group in Vietnam which has invested successfully in 9 countries across 3 continents - including East Timor. Owning the largest fiber optic network throughout the country, cover up to 96% of Timor-Leste territory, Telemor officially launched in May 07/2013

With the goal of universalize telecommunications services to all the people and bring the most benefit to the people, Telemor strives to improve the quality of the network, bringing new services, new utility to our customers, as well as actively participate in social activities, to join hands with the people of East Timor to build a better life, just like the slogan that the company poses " Telemor - Hetan Diak Liu "-" Telemor - Delivers better life ".

After only a short time in operation, Telemor has become the leading telecommunications operator in East Timor with more than 580,000 subscribers, equal to 47% market share, significantly contributing to the mobile growth rate in Timor - Leste.

The emergence of Telemor has brought a significant change in the history of East Timor Telecom Sector. Prime Minister of East Timor, HE.Xanana Gusmao said "Telemor has changed the face of telecommunication industry of East Timor".

From the impressive business results as well as social contribution, Telemor received the award "Startup of the Year" and "Fastest Growing Enterprise in Asia, Australia and New Zealand" by The International Business Award in 2014 and 2015; and "The best service providers in emerging markets" in the telecommunications sector by WCA (World Communication Award) in 2015.

  • Our vision:

Always be pioneer in innovations - always listen and care for the customers.

  • Our mission:

Our Company has to continuously innovate and personalize information technology, telecommunications and digital content services to deliver the best value to the Timor people.

  • Our business strategy:

Our business strategy is about the following:

     1. Bring information technology and telecommunications to every person, every family and reaching every corner of social life

     2. Invest to the largest and best coverage network

     3. Apply the latest technologies

     4. Diversify our services to all customers

     5. Price to suit every market segment

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