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19th March 2015

Article Writing to

Curently Telemor open opportunity for public to write articles and posted to the Website



About payment policy for collaborators of online pages


This is the official information about payment policy for collaborators of online pages, as follows:

1.      Time to apply: from March/2015 until there is any adjustment issued by Telemor.

2.      Collaborators applied:

-    This policy is applied to all collaborators in Timor Leste.

-    Collaborators mean all people send articles to and these articles are approved and uploaded to the page.

3.      Requirement of articles:

-    About the content:

+ Must be suitable with the tradition, custom, culture, law of Timor Leste

+ Must tell the truth

+ Must not include any bad, wrong, sensitive information.

Note that: the writer must be responsible for all information of the articles. If this article includes any wrong information which cause any bad affect to Telemor, to customers, to readers, or to any other individuals, organizations, the writer will have to be totally responsible for it.

-    About the format:

+ Length: from 01 – 02 A4 pages (including pictures).

+ Kind of word: Time New Romans

+ Size of word: 13

+ Line space: 1.15

+ Save as word file

-    Structure: each article must be structured like this:

+ Title: the name of the article

+ Summary: 2-3 sentences, which summarizes the general content of the articles, or to make the reader eager about the content

+ Body: the content of article

+ Picture: minimum 1 picture; and maximum 3 pictures with each articles (with picture information: no limit the number of pictures).

-    About the source of articles:

+ The articles can be at any topic; but focus on entertainment, education, family, health, hot news, sport.

+ The articles can be collected or be written by your selves. Collected articles must be from the truthworthy sources, and include the source, but collected information is not suggested.

4.      Payment policy:

-    Normal payment:


Kind of article


Payment (USD)



1-2 A4 pages, clear about the source



Written by own writers

1-2 A4 pages, content is good and suitable



Written by own writers

1-2 A4 pages, content is attractive and unique



-         Bonus:

+ With all good articles which reach 2,500 page view/30 days from the day of upload will get the bonus of 20USD/article.

+ Page view is accounted at the period of 30 days (1 month), not the accumulative.